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COVID-19 Pandemic Update
ANZSBT has curated a set of resources on the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources are up-to-date at time of publication, however the situation is changing rapidly and you should ensure that any information you use is up-to-date.

Treating haematology and oncology patients

Robert Weinkove, Zoe McQuilten, Jonathan Adler, Meera Agar, Emily Blyth, Allen Cheng, Rachel Conyers, Gabrielle Haeusler, Claire Hardie, Christopher Jackson, Steven Lane, Tom Middlemiss, Peter Mollee, Stephen Mulligan, David Ritchie, Myra Ruka, Benjamin Solomon, Jeffrey Szer, Karin Thursky, Erica Wood, Leon Worth, Michelle Yong, Monica Slavin and Ben Teh, Managing haematology and oncology patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: interim consensus guidance. Med J Aust. Preprint published online: 20 March 2020.


John Willan, Andrew J. King, Sandy Hayes, Graham P. Collins, Andrew Peniket. Care of haematology patients in a COVID‐19 epidemic. Br J Haematol. On-line early view; first published:15 March 2020.


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