Patient Blood Management Guidelines

The Patient Blood Management (PBM) Guidelines are a series of six modules that focus on evidence-based PBM. Each module has been written for clinicians treating specific patient groups including Critical Bleeding/ Massive Transfusion (2011), Perioperative (2012), Medical (2012), Critical Care (2012), Obstetrics and Maternity (2015), and Neonatal and Paediatrics (2016).

The National Blood Authority (NBA) has commenced a review of the PBM Guidelines. The review is being undertaken across the suite of modules. The original modules remain available to guide practice.



Now that the suite of modules has been completed, the NBA has turned its attention to maintaining their currency. The NBA is considering a broader scope for the review and update process across the entire suite of modules rather than updating each module in isolation.

Please refer to the Patient Blood Management Guidelines progress update which is now available on the National Blood Authority website

Any questions from ANZSBT members about these updates should be sent to