National Blood Authority transition of plasma products

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In May 2022, the National Blood Authority (NBA) announced that 5 domestically produced plasma products are undergoing transition in 2023 and 2024. The NBA has been releasing information on these transitions via BloodNet and BloodSTAR where relevant as each product is transitioning to advise the exact timing, information on the products, and ordering and inventory arrangements.


The current status of the domestic plasma product transition is in the below table. 4 of the 5 transitions are in progress with the transition of ALBUMEX 4 to ALBUREX 5 AU the most recent to commence. Information on this most recent transition can be found in the second last row of the table. More information is also available on the NBA website here: Transition of Australia’s domestic plasma products | National Blood Authority.


In addition to these domestic plasma product changes, a new 20% concentration SCIg product (Grifol Australia’s Xembify) is being introduced under the national blood arrangements in early calendar year 2024. It is anticipated Xembify will be available from February 2024.


If members have any questions, the NBA can be contacted on 13 000 BLOOD (13 000 25663) or