Kill Or Cure Exhibition at the State Library of NSW

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From the State Library of NSW:

We’re pleased to let you know about our free exhibition, Kill or Cure: A Taste of Medicine, which recently opened at the State Library of NSW. Not for the faint hearted, this exhibition takes visitors behind the curtain of Western medicine’s macabre history.
Visitors are encouraged to take a seat in the exhibition’s waiting area where ABC health reporter Tegan Taylor explains the four humours that once underpinned all medical thinking and were seen as essential for a balanced, healthy life. You’ll then be admitted into a hospital-like setting with 10 treatment rooms. Here, you’ll learn about the dubious, dangerous and often deadly techniques used to diagnose and treat the sick and diseased from 15th to the 19th centuries.

Members are asked if they would like to have a special curator-led tour of the exhibition.

Kill or Cure? is the State Library’s new exhibition that takes you behind the curtain of Western medicine’s macabre history.
Free entry until 22 Jan 2023.

25 Oct Minding your Mind with James O’Loghlin & Professor Ian Hickie
17 Nov Weird and wonderful treatments from medical history with Tegan Taylor, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Dr Naomi Koh Belie
22 Nov Life behind the mask: stories from healthcare workers with Dr Dinesh Palipana and Professor Mohamed Khadra

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