Blood Matters ‘Blood sampling volume audit report 2019’

This has been received from Blood Matters and would be of interest to members.

Repeated blood sampling for laboratory testing can lead to iatrogenic anaemia. It is also known as hospital acquired anaemia. A reduction in iatrogenic blood loss reduces the risk of anaemia and potentially the need for blood transfusion (National Blood Authority 2018).

The ‘Blood sampling volume audit report 2019’ highlights there is significant variation in the cumulative volume of blood samples according to clinical unit. From the data reported, there is potential concern for iatrogenic anaemia developing in patients in intensive care and haematology/oncology units, based on cumulative blood sampling volumes over the study length of stay.

Blood Matters recommends that health services review the report and associated recommendations through the blood management committee (or equivalent body), and use the data and individual reports (for those who participated) to assess their performance and action strategies to address any gaps.

‘Blood sampling volume audit report 2019’ can be accessed by clicking on the links provided, or go to the Blood Matters webpage (