ANZSBT Research Grant 2019 UPDATE

We are pleased to announce that the ANZSBT is now offering $75,000 for the 2019 Research Grant (following previous notification of $50,000).
The Society seeks expressions of interest for the ANZSBT Research Fund for the calendar year 2019.
Purpose of the fund:
  • To contribute to the advancement of research in transfusion medicine and science in Australasia and to promote and develop research in related medical knowledge and science.
  • The Council has nominated the following research priorities for 2018: transfusion in rural and remote settings; transfusion in the fetal, neonatal and paediatric settings; transfusion in indigenous populations or minority groups of Australia or New Zealand; or transfusion in the elderly.
  • The Society is also receptive to applications from a nurse-based research project.

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Applications close Friday 15th February 2019.