How to Join

Requirements for membership


A person is eligible for membership of the Society as a ‘Member’ if he/she:
  • demonstrates an interest in transfusion related activities, demonstrated by past experience or present involvement
  • subscribes to the vision and mission of the Society
  • abides by the rules of the Society
For Council to assess applications under Clause (a), your CV should contain information on the extent of personal involvement in:
  • the clinical or laboratory practice of transfusion medicine and/or immunohaematology
  • or scientific and/or administrative responsibilities within a blood service provider, blood product manufacturer or government department dealing with blood or transfusion related matters
  • or research in the field of transfusion medicine
  • or any other occupational involvement relevant to the field of blood transfusion
Please indicate, if relevant, the extent of personal contribution to papers, publications and other aspects relevant to the discipline.


A person shall be eligible for Concessional membership of the Association if he/she demonstrates that he/she is a:
  • resident in resource poor country.
  • student, proof of enrolment is required.
  • retired from remunerated work in the field
Concessional members are not eligible to vote at any General Meeting.

Election of Members

Candidates for membership or concessional membership of the Society shall be proposed and seconded by current financial members of the Society. After consideration of the candidate’s qualifications and interest in the field of transfusion medicine, he/she may be declared an elected member or a concessional member of the Society by a majority vote of the Council.

Membership Fees

Annual ANZSBT membership fees are listed below. Fees are due by 1 July each year. MEMBER: AUD $100.00 CONCESSIONAL MEMBER: AUD $40.00 NOTE: If you are resident in Australia, you will need to add 10% GST. NOTE: For member and concessional membership categories, a fee equal to the current annual rate is payable if your membership lapses for 2 years. In addition you must rejoin the society and pay the current fee.