The ANZSBT strongly encourages advancement of research in transfusion medicine and science in Australasia. The Society provides an annual Research grant to promote and develop research in related transfusion medical knowledge and science.

Each year, the Council nominates research priorities and determines an award total sum which may be distributed as a  single grant, or smaller grants totalling the sum.

The ANZSBT Research Committee is responsible for reviewing all research grant applications and evaluating the merits of proposed research projects, the significance of the project and value of potential outcomes for Australia and New Zealand.

2019 Research Grant

Sophie Shand, Sydney Ambulance Centre


“Identifying barriers and improving access to Ambulance Service blood product transfusion”


Allison Mo, Monash University (VIC)


A longitudinal population study of current transfusion needs and changes over time in elderly patients with myelodysplastic syndromes”


Lauren Waters, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (NSW)


“Use of calcium chelators to mitigate cryopreservation-induced damage to platelets”



2018 Research Grant

Allison Mo, Monash University (VIC)


“A feasibility randomised pilot trial of weekly-interval red cell transfusion schedule in myelodysplastic syndromes: REDDS-2 pilot study”


Wayne Dyer, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (NSW)


“Alternatives to red cell transfusion to treat anaemia”



2017 Research grant

Andrew Georgiou, Macquarie University (NSW)

“Enhancing the effectiveness, appropriateness, and sustainability of blood product management – a data analytics approach”


Rosemary Sparrow, Monash University (VIC)

“Rapid infusion of cellular blood components during massive transfusion: identification of current practices in Australian and New Zealand hospitals”


Dianne Van Der Wal, Australian Red Cross Blood Service (NSW)

“The role of neuraminidases in platelet function in general and during storage”



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