ANZSBT Webinars

2022 NBA/ANZSBT/IHN/ISBT Haemovigilance Webinars


The National Blood Authority Australia (NBA) in collaboration with the Australian and New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion (ANZSBT), International Haemovigilance Network (IHN) and ISBT invites you to an exclusive series of 4 webinars where scientists, haematologists, transfusion nurses, regulatory authorities and consumers come together to discuss safety and quality through data, the care and wellbeing of donors, and improving consumer engagement.  in a series of four, free, open-access, online forums in late 2022.

The series of events consists of four 90 minute forums in August and September 2022 at either 6 PM or 8 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).


Thursday August 18: International Programs – Sharing international Haemovigilance experiences

Thursday August 25: Consumer Engagement – Improving patient safety and quality through consumer engagement

Thursday September 1: Data – Improving safety and quality through data

Tuesday September 6: Donors – Improved care and wellbeing of donors

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October 2021

ANZSBT was proud to present the “Highlights of BLOOD 2021” Webinar.

Linley Bielby, the Ruth Sanger Orator for 2021 and members of the ANZSBT Education Standing Committee, Dr Monique Menzies Wojtowicz, Dr Dianne van der Wal and Rebecca McLean covered key medical, scientific and nursing learnings from BLOOD 2021.


This webinar was kindly sponsored by Vifor Pharma.

August 2021

ANZSBT presented our next ANZSBT Webinar: “Guideline Update: Laboratory and Clinical Management of Fetomaternal Haemorrhage”.

Ms Nicole Zacher (Chair, ANZSBT Transfusion Science Standing Committee) and Dr Giselle Kidson-Gerber (Haematologist, Prince of Wales Hospital and HOW Collaborative) discussed the soon to be released ANZSBT Guidelines for Laboratory Estimation of Fetomaternal Haemorrhage.

They highlighted key differences between the old and new Guidelines and discussed some of the controversies and challenges faced as they set about updating the Guideline.

We were honoured to have Prof Helen Liley (Neonatologist, Mater Mother’s Hospital) present an update on the recently released Guideline for the Prophylactic Use of RhD Immunoglobulin in Pregnancy Care on behalf of the National Blood Authority.

This webinar was kindly sponsored by the National Blood Authority.


March 2021

ANZSBT presented our first webinar in the ANZSBT 2021 Webinar Series titled “Zainab’s Story The international effort to find rare blood to save a young girl’s life”.

Zainab’s Story is about the international effort to find rare blood to save a two-year-old girl with a rare blood group. Zainab Mughal, the little girl from South Florida, who has some of the rarest blood in the world, sparked a global call to action for people to donate blood to help save her life as she battled cancer.

Dr Richard Gammon and Nancy Benitez (OneBlood USA), Sandra Nance (Rare Donor Program American Red Cross) and Tanya Powley (Australian Red Cross Lifeblood) amongst other international presenters shared with us as to how they searched the world to find compatible blood for Zainab, a two-year-old girl with a rare blood group.

We thank Immulab  for their kind sponsorship of this webinar.




ANZSBT held its first webinar titled “Ensuring Safe Transfusion Practices”. The webinar was presented by Ms Penny O’Beid Blood Watch, Clinical Excellence Commission who presented on the Guidelines of Administration Products which were recently revised in October 2019, Ms Trudi Verrall BloodSafe eLearning who presented on the Flippin’ Blood book and Dr Bev Quested Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, Transfusion Policy and Education who presented on the new Blood Book.

This inaugural ANZSBT webinar acknowledged the achievements of Transfusion Nurses during the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife by highlighting the development of guidelines and educational resources to ensure safe transfusion practices across Australia.

ANZSBT partnered with HealthRFID to host this webinar. We thank them for their kind support.