2021 Awards and Grants


Life Memberships

Dr Robyn Minchinton

We recognise Dr Robyn Minchinton’s long career as a Medical Scientist in the public health sector in diagnostics and research, in hospitals and higher education in Australia and the UK. This is further exemplified by her appointment to the position of Deputy Chancellor at CQUniversity, published research and passion for mentoring students, early career scientists and women transitioning to leadership roles.
We also recognise her invaluable commitment to the Society’s activities over many years: serving on Council (1991 to 1993 and 1999 to 2003) including a term spent in the positions of Honorary Treasurer and Strategic Planning, as a member of the Scientific Sub-committee and finally, her membership of the ANZSBT Research Committee (2010 to 2015).

Assoc. Professor David Roxby

David Roxby

We recognise Assoc. Professor David Roxby’s long-standing commitment to the improvement of transfusion clinical practice through high quality service provision from hospital transfusion services and the safe and appropriate use of blood and blood products. This is further exemplified not only by his research interests but also his involvement in transfusion education as a teacher, supervisor and examiner in science, medicine, nursing and midwifery both here in Australia and more broadly in Asia.
We also recognise his invaluable and extensive commitment to the Society’s activities over many years: serving on Council for 11 years, including time as Honorary Treasurer, chairing the Scientific Sub-committee (latterly the Transfusion Science Standing Committee) and finally as ANZSBT representative on a number of external national scientific, technical and related committees.

Ruth Sanger Oration

Ms Linley Bielby
Blood Matters Program Manager
DHHS Victoria/ Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

Peter Schiff Award (proudly sponsored by CSL Behring)

Dr Beverleigh Quested


Presidential Symposium Award

Dr April Davis – Australian Red Cross Lifeblood NSW
Removal of HLA Class-I antigens from platelets: increasing platelet availability for refractory patients

ANZSBT Member’s Award

Dr Anastazia Keegan – Australian Red Cross Lifeblood WA

Preoperative intravenous iron did not reduce the need for blood transfusion in iron deficient patients undergoing major abdominal surgery: PREVENTT RCT Subgroup Analysis

Young Investigator Award for Best Abstract (proudly sponsored by the National Blood Authority)

Dr Lauren Waters – Australian Red Cross Lifeblood NSW
Calcium is a key mediator of the phenotypic changes in cryopreserved platelets

Best Haemovigilance Award (proudly sponsored by the National Blood Authority)

Ms Shannon Morgan – Queensland Health QLD

Sustained reduction in Wrong Blood in Tube (WBIT) incidents at Townsville University Hospital (TUH)

Best Patient Blood Management Award (proudly sponsored by the National Blood Authority)

Dr Allison Mo – Monash Hospital VIC

Changing red blood cell (RBC) and platelet transfusion needs in myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS): A 15-year Australian population data-linkage study

Immulab Blood Bank Laboratory Award (proudly sponsored by Immulab) 

Prof Robert Flower – Australian Red Cross Lifeblood QLD

A case of HDFN defines a novel low frequency Rh antigen associated with Indigenous heritage and identified in a blood group genomic study

Best Poster Prize

Dr Clare Manderson – Monash University VIC

Laser incubation of clinical samples for rapid antibody screening


ANZSBT Research Grants

Dr Andrew Flint Blood transfusion practices in intensive care
Dr Joanne Tan Whole blood for trauma resuscitation: Is it pro-inflammatory?
Dr Rebecca Griffiths Characterisation of the Kidd blood group system in the erythroid cells of control and Jk-null individuals
Dr Rena Hirani The prevalence of transfusion‐associated microchimerism in 45 and Up Study participants

South East Asia/Pacific Islands Registration Award (co-sponsored by the International Society of Blood Transfusion)


Phanouk Lon Cambodia
Doreen Ugaia Post Moresby
Engla Merizka Indonesia


Overseas Travel Award (proudly sponsored by CSL Behring)

Samantha Senavirathna

Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne and LifeBlood Melbourne processing centre, VIC


ANZSBT Registration Grants (proudly sponsored by Abbott Australasia)

Yasheer Haripersad Perth Children’s Hospital, WA
Eunike McGowan Australian Red Cross Blood Lifeblood, QLD
Shannon Morgan Queensland Health, QLD
Aoibhe Mulcahy Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, QLD