Standing Committees

There are currently three Standing Committees, the Clinical Practice Improvement Committee, the Education Standing Committee and the Transfusion Science Committee,  that deliver the objectives of the ANZSBT Strategic Plan and assist in priority setting of key issues.

The Standing Committees’ Terms of Reference outline the membership, process and function and are reviewed every 2 years.

View the Standing Committees’ Terms of Reference here.


Standing Committee Membership October 2021 to November 2023

Clinical Practice Improvement Committee

  • Clin. A/Prof Philip Crispin (Chair)
    Canberra Hospital, Haematology, ACT

    Dr Crispin is a clinical haematologist and Clinical Director of the Blood Counts Program at Canberra Hospital and lecturer at Australian National University Medical School.


    He serves on the Australian and New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion’s Clinical Practice Improvement Committee and on the National Blood Transfusion Committee of Red Cross LifeBlood.

    Dr Crispin has been involved in developing perioperative and obstetric patient blood management programs, including the appropriate identification of iron deficiency to best target therapy. He has recently completed a PhD in patient blood management. He has current research interests in alternative measurement strategies to guide red cell transfusions, therapy for bleeding in thrombocytopenia, intravenous immunoglobulin use and patient-centred care.


  • Dr Anastazia Keegan
    Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, Perth, WA
  • Ms Christine Akers
    Alfred Hospital, Pathology Department, VIC
  • Ms Kristen Brown
    Murrumbidgee Local Health District, Blood Management, Wagga District Office, NSW
  • Ms Alana Delaforce
    Mater Health Services, South Brisbane, QLD
  • Dr Amanda Ormerod
    LaTrobe Regional Health, LaTrobe Hospital, VIC
  • Ms Fiona King
    New Zealand Blood Service, Blood Bank, New Zealand
  • Dr Bryony Ross
    Calvary Mater Newcastle, NSW
  • Ms Joanne Goodwin
    BloodSafe, SA

The Clinical Practice Improvement Committee will provide a forum to:

  • Promote the sharing of experience in clinical transfusion practice across all jurisdictions including public and private sectors
  • Coordinate initiatives to ensure the safety, quality and cost effectiveness of transfusion practice
  • Develop and/or disseminate audit, benchmarking and practice improvement tools
  • Promote, where appropriate, the standardisation and simplification of practice
  • Develop clinical practice guidelines
  • Provide an Australian and New Zealand perspective on transfusion medicine to Council, to inform and influence political decision-making
  • Implement strategies to close the haemovigilance loop

Education Standing Committee

  • Dr Anastazia Keegan (Chair)

    Dr Anastazia Keegan is a Consultant Haematologist at Concord Repatriation General Hospital and a Transfusion Medicine Specialist at Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.


    She was the Clinical Lead of Lifeblood’s Genomics Pilot Project and authored the “Genomics White Paper for the International Blood Sector” which explored how genomics was set to transform the blood sector through the delivery of Precision Medicine to the recipients of blood products and tissues.

    Anastazia has been an active member of ANZSBT since joining and holds positions on both the Education Standing Committee and Clinical Practice Improvement Standing Committee. She is a member of the Clinical Reference Group for the NBA’s Patient Blood Management Modules and the Chair-elect of RCPA QAP Transfusion Advisory Committee

  • Dr Anastazia Keegan
    Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, Perth, WA
  • Ms Rebecca McLean
    Transfusion Medicine Safety, Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA
  • Ms Melissa May
    Manager Strategic Projects, New Zealand Blood Service, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Dr Monique Menzies Wojtowicz
    St George Hospital, Sydney, NSW
  • Ms Donna Berry
    New Zealand Blood Service, Waikato, Hamilton, NZ
  • Dr Allison Mo
    Monash Health and Austin Health, Melbourne, VIC
  • Ms Amanda Catherwood
    Blood, Organ and Tissue Programs Unit, Department for Health & Wellbeing (SA)
  • Dr Dianne Van der Wal
    Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, NSW

The Education Standing Committee will:

  • Assess current gaps and opportunities for the ANZSBT to further develop transfusion medicine knowledge and practice
  • Disseminate information to meet the needs of stakeholders, using a variety of media
  • Further develop the ANZSBT website as a central transfusion medicine resource

Transfusion Science Standing Committee

  • Ms Nicole Zacher (Chair)

    Nicole brings with her a great depth and breadth of experience having worked both in pathology and also commercially in the healthcare industry.


    Nicole brings with her 20+ years experience, as the Senior Scientific Officer in Immunohaematology (Sonic Healthcare).

    Nicole is passionate about developing standards and educating the community on all matters transfusion, contributing to improving safety and awareness for immunohaematology.


  • Mr Simon Benson
    Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, NSW
  • Ms Elizabeth Lennox
    Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, QLD
  • Ms Annette Le Viellez
    Transfusion Medicine, PathWest, WA
  • Ms Helen Stathopoulos
    SA Pathology, Transfusion Medicine Unit, SA
  • Ms Diane Woolacott
    Northland District Healthboard, Blood Bank Whangarei Hospital, New Zealand
  • Ms Samantha Lennard
    Queensland Health, Transfusion, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, QLD
  • Mr Niki Lee
    Northern Pathology Victoria, VIC
  • Ms Alison Badger
    New Zealand Blood Service, NZ

The Transfusion Science Standing Committee will:

  • Develop and maintain scientific and technical guidelines relating to transfusion practice
  • Develop ‘position statement’ documents in the areas of transfusion science on behalf of the Society
  • Provide an Australian and New Zealand perspective on scientific aspects of transfusion to Council, to inform and influence political decision-making
  • Oversee research activities of the Society, including assessment of research grant applications
  • Respond as required on scientific and technical questions