Formerly the “Australasian Society of Blood Transfusion” (ASBT), the Society changed its name in late 2002.


Vision Statement

Provision and communication of independent expertise in transfusion medicine.

Mission Statement

To define and promote best practice in clinical and laboratory transfusion medicine. To engage with stakeholders in all areas of transfusion through communication, representation and advocacy. To promote and support education and research.

The Australian & New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion (ANZSBT) comprises members from diverse scientific, technical and medical backgrounds working within the areas of Blood Transfusion and Transfusion Medicine within Australia and New Zealand. The broad aims of the ANZSBT are:

  • The advancement of knowledge in blood transfusion and transfusion medicine.
  • The promotion of improved standards in the practice of blood transfusion
  • The collaboration with international and other regional societies interested in blood
  • The promotion of interest in research into blood transfusion and allied subjects
  • The formulation of guidelines in key areas of transfusion practice

The ANZSBT is affiliated with the following societies:

For a list of the ANZSBT Council Members, click here.